H2O Client

The H2O Client allows for an easy to use, affordable, and profitable means to sell bulk water supplies. Quality Control & Integration has seen an emerging need to produce and distribute an alternative to coin or card operated Bulk Water Vending Systems. Our keypad operated system allows for multiple users to enter a simple PIN code in order to purchase water, saving the hassle and cost of card or coin management. This system also allows a city to preset each client's total amount of water they may draw. In addition to these many features the H2O Client can be customized to existing structures or can exist as a stand alone unit. The H2O client provides cities or industry an affordable and hassle free way to distribute their cities valuable resource.

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QCI Model 1500ct Pump Controller

The Quality Control and Integration 1500ct Controller is a unique and versatile Pump Controller made to meet the municipal and industrial demands for a reliable, easy to use, and efficient user operator interface and controller. The 1500ct comes telemetry ready with the addition of a radio, cellular modem, or leased phone line. The 1500ct allows you to monitor station status, change pump start and stop set points, change high and low level alarm set points, acknowledge alarms, and view pump run, fail, and performance information remotely. The 1500ct is an "Open" control platform supporting industry standard communication protocols like Modbus and DF1. This open protocol approach allows the 1500ct to be readily integrated into most new or existing SCADA systems. Two serial communication ports allow for redundant telemetry networks. The 1500ct is also versatile, it can be used to control and monitor up to three constant and/or variable speed pumps in either pump up or pump down mode. This versatility makes the 1500ct able to control even difficult pump applications such as pressure/flow controlled booster stations.

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Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) Integration

QCI designs SCADA systems which offer true "open architecture". The major benefit of an open architecture structure is system flexibility. SCADA system capability can be extended using products and/or with integration of hardware/software from other manufacturers. These products include:

  • Sensaphone
  • Data Radio
  • MDS

This flexibility provides a significant option to our customers and allows them to combine product "brand" satisfaction with QCI's proven expertise and performance.

We have the in-house expertise and tools to provide the associated services that are required for radio based telemetering systems. We provide radio propagation path studies to determine exact specifications for each site. We also provide complete assistance in obtaining FCC licensing.

Our experience has covered equipment by most radio manufacturers over the many frequency bands used in our industry including VHF/UHF/900MHz, 800 and 900MHz Trunking, and Spread Spectrum.

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Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Integration

We have extensive experience integrating most manufacturers' PLC. We have consistently taken the lead on the more difficult aspects of a control system. These include process control loop definition and diagrams, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming, communications design, programming and troubleshooting, as well as, various data management applications and the data reporting aspects of any given system.

Our engineering staff has successfully integrated virtually all major Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) projects.


Personal Computer Integration

Personnel Computer based Human Machine Interface (HMI) is an important aspect of all the QCI furnished PLC and SCADA systems. We are certified with InTouch Wonderware as System Integrators. We have implemented many of the most popular third party HMI packages, including the following:

  • Wonderware, Intouch
  • Cimplicity
  • RS View
  • PlantScape/SCADA/Process
  • Citect

Reporting applications utilize standard Microsoft Excel for Windows, which enables the reports to be produced in virtually any format. Reports can be generated automatically based on virtually any criteria; examples include: "Shifts" or "Daily", "Weekly" "Monthly", and even on a yearly basis. Data can be automatically collected at a configurable rate and stored in an ODBC compliant database. This data can be manipulated to produce averages, totals, and minimum/maximum values, which can be imported into Excel. Government required reports could also be generated using this reporting method. All reports are automatically stored on the system's hard drive for printing out manually and/or automatically.