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image of our New Prague Office

Quality Flow Systems supplies pumps and controls for municipal/industrial water/wastewater applications. Representing high quality, innovative manufacturers, Quality Flow Systems maintains a large on-site inventory, along with certified, knowledgeable service staff. We provide for all our customers' equipment, repair, service, and support needs both for today and tomorrow.

Quality flow systems has served the municipal and industrial water/ wastewater needs of Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisconsin for over 30 years. We seek to provide the best and most reliable equipment and service to all our customers. Providing for all aspects of needs in municipal and industrial water/wastewater applications. We specialize in providing pumps and controls for various water/wastewater applications including lift stations, pump stations, water treatment plants, and various other water moving applications. 

Offices located in

New Prague, MN, Grand Rapids, MN, and Ankeny, IA



Owned by Pat Malay and Kevin Huson, quality continues to be in every aspect of who we are.  We represent the best manufactures working within the water and wastewater municipal and industrial sectors. Working since our conception to meet all service and repair needs of our customers. 


We stand by all products we represent, and in conjunction with Quality Control & Integration we are able to provide an ever-increasing amount of possibilities in handling all aspects of engineering, product selection, installation, and service associated with a project. 


Through a tradition of quality and customer satisfaction, Quality Flow Systems, Inc. remains your pump and control experts.  Ready to serve you in providing the best in quality products and service to meet all your pumping and control needs.

Territory Map Updated.png

QFS Branch Office: Grand Rapids, MN

        -    Sales and service for the Iron Range Area



Main Office: New Prague, MN

        -  Handles project management for QFS territory

        -  On-site Repair facilities

        -  On-site test tank/ flow meter

        -  Wielding and motor rewind machine shop

        -  Large inventory of parts/ pumps/ rental pumps


we are a KSB authorized repair facility


  • Quality Pumps from Reputable lines

  • Assistance in the selection and configuration

  • Large product lines

  • Knowledgeable salesmen

  • Manufactured with precision

  • Reliable and cost effective

  • Pump and control repairs

  • On site pump test tank

  • Mounting of pump assemblies

  • Fabrication of structural steel

  • General machine shop work

  • Factory trained service personnel for pumps and controls

image of our Pump Test Tank

Servicing and Startup:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

  • Fully equipped crane trucks

  • Certified for confined space entry

  • Lift station retrofits

  • Rental pumps & control panels

  • Pump test tank to verify repairs

  • Field service

  • Maintenance contracts for pumps and controls

  • Troubleshooting and consultation

  • Service personnel that are here to serve you

image of a Pump Control Panel Inner Door

Controls and Telemetry:

  • Controlling solutions for all pumps and WWTF

  • Sensaphone, Leachate and other reputable supplies

  • Quality installation and startup

  • Reputable and qualified maintenance and problem solving

  • Controls and SCADA for every job

  • Quality Control and Integration (sister company)



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this is the logo for HFE Process Pumps
this is the logo for Atlas Copco
this is the logo for UBI
this is the logo for Simflo Pumps
this is the logo for Quality Control & Integration
this is the logo for OmniSite Communications
this is the logo for Vaughan Pumps
this is the logo for Sensaphone
this is the logo for KSB
this is the logo for HCP Pumps
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Danfoss Company Logo


Agricultural Applications

Applications for water distribution, water treatments, water control, and waste handling

  • Large solids handling submersible and dry-pit pumps

  • Irrigation and drainage stations for water pollution control and flood control

  • Impellers can handle solids up to 3" diameter such as rocks, pop cans & hooves

  • The self-cleaning impeller blade design prevents building up of animal hair, straw & hay normally found in manure pits

we offer Agricutral Applications

Manufacturing and Industrial Applications

Food processing, paper milling, logging and other manufacturing processes

  • Handling of feed water and condensate in power stations and industrial facilities, generation of pressurized water for press, bark peeling machines, descaling equipment, and snow guns.

  • Units to pump oil, cooling lubricants, solvents, de-greasing agents, wash water in spray-paint, and cooling systems, such as machine tools and welding machines.

  • Heavy duty service for liquids ranging from water and light hydrocarbons to heavy slurries

  • Vast capacity for pumping sewage, sludge, corrosive, caustics and industrial by-products

we offer Manufacturing Applications

Chemical / Petrol-Chemical Applications

Chemical and petrol-chemical processing and handling of corrosive materials

  • Pumping/moving of aggressive, flammable, toxic, volatile, or valuable liquids in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in environmental engineering and the general industry

  • Heavy duty service for liquid ranging from water and light hydrocarbons to heavy slurries

  • KSB corrosive resistant Amarex pumps & Griswald Process Pumps for wide range of chemical applications

we offer Chemical Pumps

Water Treatment and Water / Wastewater/ Solids Movement

Pumping and Equipment for general Water/Wastewater/ Solids Movement

  • Various applications with Water Treatment Plants, Lift stations, Booster Stations, and general water/ solids movement

  • Open-suction type for pumping sewage and wastewater containing large solids or abrasives

  • Depth Charge and aeration equipment re-suspends floating solids such as fats, oils, and grease, as well as, settled solids within a pump station wet well allowing the pumps to remove them

  • Capable of reducing all material found in normal residential and light industrial sewage containing small quantities of plastic, disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, rubber, food partials and other non-abrasive solids into a finely ground slurry

  • Capable of handling 3-inch diameter spherical solids of raw, unscreened domestic sewage consisting of water, fibrous materials

we offer Water Treatment applications

Landfill / Refuse Applications

Solids handling and movement, grinders, and treatment applications

  • Ease of insertion and retrieval in side slope riser applications

  • Insertion in smaller diameter riser pipes along with large intake areas extends the time needed between cleanings.

  • Pumps capable of handling large solids, sludge and difficult waste materials

  • Severe duty, abrasion resistant, solids handling pump with the longest possible life

we offer Landfill Pumps

Water Control Applications

Gates/ sluice gates, flood control and bypass pumping

  • Flood control, drainage, and industrial plant liquid waste handling systems

  • Gates for power generating facilities -in fluent & effluent, as well as, other applications where large volumes of water are moved

  • Hazardous storage and emergency spill containment gates

  • Water and wastewater treatment plant sizes 6” thru 240”

  • Quick connecting bypass pumping stations for use during any type of emergency

  • Ensures that particles remain evenly distributed in wastewater and sludge, preventing sedimentation buildup, and supporting treatment processes

we offer Water Control applications

Integration and Process Control

Complete control, telemetry, and integration of all water handling processes

  • Complete System integration capabilities

  • Packaged LS and Booster Control Systems

  • Retrofit of existing systems into new SCADA telemetry monitoring systems

  • Wonderware, RSView, and HMI interfacing and programming

  • Control panels, power panels, and process control panels for various applications

we offer custom Pump Control


image of QFS logo
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800 6th St NW

New Prague, MN 56071

Office: (952) 758-9445
Fax:     (952) 758-9661
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